Mission Statement

"We are building a real-world testbed for Edge Computing with leading edge applications and user acceptance testing."


  • Partnership: developers for apps, services, and devices join forces with telco, infrastructure, and research
  • Test Diversity: various testbeds and latest technology available for a variety of user-case scenarios
  • Open Platform: edge computing based on OpenStack, vendor and operator independent

What is in it for you?

Whether you are an application developer, an application service provider, a technology provider, or a local business owner, the Living Edge Lab is a high value proposition that can provide many benefits.

Key Offerings

  • Open Edge Computing platform
  • Diverse testbeds in Pittsburgh, USA
  • Support by leading experts
  • Agile projects

Key Benefits

  • Device and app trials
  • Location diversity
  • Live-user testing
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Pilot mobile innovations for your business
  • Marketing synergies
For more information about the Living Edge Lab, you can download the PDF below or send us an email. Download Overview PDF