Whitepapers and publications related to edge computing

Improving Edge Elasticity via Decode Offload

Visual analytics on recently-captured data from video cameras has emerged as an important class of workloads in edge computing. These workloads make intense processing demands on cloudlets, whose elasticity is limited by their smaller physical and electrical footprint relative to exascale cloud data centers. In this paper, we show how

Ajalon: Simplifying the authoring of wearable cognitive assistants

Wearable Cognitive Assistance (WCA) amplifies human cognition in real time through a wearable device and low-latency wireless access to edge computing infrastructure. It is inspired by, and broadens, the metaphor of GPS navigation tools that provide real-time step-by-step guidance, with prompt error detection and correction. WCA applications are likely to

Impact of Delayed Response on Wearable Cognitive Assistance

Wearable cognitive assistants (WCA) are anticipated to become a widely-used application class, in conjunction with emerging network infrastructures like 5G that incorporate edge computing capabilities. While prototypical studies of such applications exist today, the relationship between infrastructure service provisioning and its implication for WCA usability is largely unexplored despite the

The Role of Edge Offload for Hardware-Accelerated Mobile Devices

This position paper examines a spectrum of approaches to overcoming the limited computing power of mobile devices caused by their need to be small, lightweight and energy efficient. At one extreme is offloading of compute-intensive operations to a cloudlet nearby. At the other extreme is the use of fixed-function hardware

Simulating Edge Computing Environments to Optimize Application Experience

The emergence of edge computing introduces new complexity in the creation of distributed mobile applications. Application designers can now deploy application functionality in three or more tiers of compute infrastructure to optimize bandwidth, latency, cost, user experience and privacy for their users and their own operations. However, the diversity of

Blog: Seeing Further Down the Visual Cloud Road

Written by Jim Blakley | December 4, 2019 (Note: This Blog is a republication of my final blog while at Intel.) Almost three years ago, Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Dave Andersen and I announced the Intel Science and Technology Center for Visual Cloud Systems (ISTC-VCS) at the 2016 NAB Show. Along

Towards Drone-sourced Live Video Analytics for the Construction Industry

This paper investigates the use of drones for live inspection in the  construction industry. The key technical challenge is the real-time  registration of the drone video feed to the architectural plan. We  present and evaluate three different approaches for registration and  propose an edge-based prototype using visual features. Our evaluations