Jim Blakley

Jim Blakley

Carnegie Mellon Built a Plug-and-Play Private LTE Network

When Mahadev Satyanarayanan, group professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and an expert in edge computing, needed a network to test his edge computing applications, he knew he wanted something that was low in latency, reliable and not susceptible to any performance degradation. Satyanarayanan turned to Amazon Web

Simulating Edge Computing Environments to Optimize Application Experience

The emergence of edge computing introduces new complexity in the creation of distributed mobile applications. Application designers can now deploy application functionality in three or more tiers of compute infrastructure to optimize bandwidth, latency, cost, user experience and privacy for their users and their own operations. However, the diversity of

Three Decades Of Vision For Edge

In this interview, Satya shares how he started thinking about distributed computing infrastructure for mobile devices back in 1993, how much of his vision has come true in the decades since, and his views on the future of cloud, edge, iot, and much more. https://overtheedgepodcast.com/podcasts/three-decades-of-vision-for-edge-with-mahadev-satya-satyanarayanan-of-carnegie-mellon-university/

Putting It All Together With Cognitive Assistance

By Jim Blakley, Living Edge Lab Associate Director, Carnegie Mellon University Source: Google AI BlogIn 2014, when my team at the time began working with modern artificial intelligence technologies, industry innovation focus was on neural network architecture. Every day, it seemed a new, more complex neural network was introduced (e.

When the Trainer Can’t Be There

By Jim Blakley, Associate Director Carnegie Mellon University Living Edge Lab As the Covid-19 pandemic continues across the globe, the need for people to work separately from each other grows. And, the activities that they need to accommodate are not just endless Zoom meetings and online classes. In person, hands-on

Blog: Seeing Further Down the Visual Cloud Road

Written by Jim Blakley | December 4, 2019 (Note: This Blog is a republication of my final blog while at Intel.) Almost three years ago, Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Dave Andersen and I announced the Intel Science and Technology Center for Visual Cloud Systems (ISTC-VCS) at the 2016 NAB Show. Along

Blog: Overcoming Visual Analysis Paralysis

Written by Jim Blakley| October 25, 2019 (Note: This is a repost of my blog on the Intel IT Peer Network. While the theme is not edge specific, the use case – smart city video analytics – is very much an edge case. And, the request that motivated the work was in

Blog: Sharing the Video Edge

Written by Jim Blakley (@jimblakley) | April 16, 2019 (This is a repost of my Intel blog on the work at the Intel Science and Technology Center for Visual Cloud Systems at CMU and partially funded by Intel) You may recognize the images at below as Bell System photos from the

Blog: Feeling a Little Edgy

Written by Jim Blakley (@jimblakley) | March 28, 2019 (This is a repost of my Intel blog on the work at CMU on OpenRTIST and partially funded by Intel) I remember in the heady ur-cloud days of 1999 and 2000 having discussions with executives at major hosting companies like Exodus Communications*